Like most of you, Ken and I have run across some pretty cool places.

Check here monthly for updates!

Odds and Ends

Borrow Pit Rigs

The 2012 Nissan Titan at one of the Blackwater Refuge inlets.  The grill/deer guard is there because Ken already hit a deer and this will ensure he never does again.

Borrow Pit Digs

We live in an old farmhouse/cabin with several additions.  We like it, but an old home takes lots of work.  Details to follow.

1967 Airstream Overlander

Our friend, "Trailer Steve" assures us if we haul it back to Ohio he can fix the leaks and make her road-worthy.  Up to us to schedule the time and collect the loose change.

Our Barn Cat

Prospero, better known as "Mao" for the single-syllable sound he makes.

Favorite Recipes

Mary Berry's Victoria Sponge Sandwich Cake

Favorite Diners

404 Taphouse, Denton MD

My go-to is any burger, but the Build Your Own is fantastic: 100% Custom blended Angus chopped beef. Lettuce and tomato served on fresh butter grilled Brioche with House fries.