Odds and Ends and Things That Matter

Borrow Pit Rigs

With a fine selection of self-selected swear words, Ken has lovingly structured a 10' X 16' trailer to pull behind the Titan. Until the Airstream is ready next year, the gray lady will haul any number of items west, including the mighty "Gator", a gift from Pat Goodyear after Jim's death. Here it is in one of it's final stages! He bought the metal base, of course, then custom framed with painted pine. My choice on the color. Right now it is tied down and ready to pick up in Western Maryland where we have stowed for a few weeks.



Now and then, you meet people who strike you as enormous, even when petite and unprepossessing. Luckily, we met such a lady, Jackie, the docent at the top of The Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory. Talking with her reminded me that life can take a quick turn. Here, Jackie sits cautiously in her chair, nursing a damaged foot. When we met her she was scheduled to determine if her recent pains signaled the return of an invasive cancer. I am not likely to meet her again, but I am reminded of my blessings. Here is more on the bridge, which Jackie happily promotes.


1967 Airstream Overlander

Our friend, "Trailer Steve" assures us if we haul it back to Ohio he can fix the leaks and make her road-worthy.  Up to us to schedule the time and collect the loose change.

Spring Update: We dropped her off over Memorial Day. We are now on the year-long waiting list! This fall, we will be using the Titan and camping with a tent mostly, but we have our hopes up for tin can life in 2019.

We keep an eye out on Airstream Forum sites, but we are not alone in our quest for some sort of nostalgic experience. 


Our Barn Cat

Prospero, better known as "Mao" for the single-syllable sound he makes.

Favorite Recipes

Mary Berry's Victoria Sponge Sandwich Cake



Chef John's Beef Stroganoff! Anything he makes on All Recipes is a treat.


Favorite Diners

Whitey's Diner in Fremont, Ohio. It's probably not for everyone (total greasy spoon) but the sausage gravy is Ken's absolute favorite. He has considered a road trip for that reason alone.