Borrow Pit Planning

Seasonal Outlooks

Please consider this page as a simple overview of what could happen! Subject to change, of course. Life is like that.

May, 2018

To Ohio! Dropping off our 1967 Airstream Overlander for its final makeover.  The nice folks who work on vintage trailers have a year-long back log usually. We are now on the list for possible completion of ours by next spring. In the meantime, our Nissan Titan with its new Lear cap will have to do. We are loaded with camping gear and back up plans.

Summer, 2018

Home, mostly. Packing! We did manage a few weekend getaways to practice our BPA skills and compromises. You can read more about "us" on my "Life Partners" page. Believe me, I have lots to report. One of my most difficult challenges was tossing kids' artwork.  The girls kind of rolled their eyes at me, but they will understand as they get older.

August, 2018

Almost ready to head out! Ken and I have been working furiously (in all senses of the word) to bring our time in Caroline County to a peaceful close. Heh heh. Again, more on this on "Life Partners". I tell you, purging/storing/re-purposing/gifting one's life possessions is a pain. I hope to recount the story of my dad's old suitcases on my "Parenting  your parent" page. Talk about old baggage. Ha!

Fall, 2018

The 2018 Borrow Pit Adventure begins. To PA, Maine, west to Montana, south, etc. Our official start date is Sunday, September 9th at about 2:00 pm when we finish a farewell meal with friends.

Winter, 2018

What might become the Great Square: USA, South America, Africa, Europe, USA... totally uncharted territory. It all depends on our ability and energy to keep moving, or look for that next job. Time will tell.