Becky and Ken: married 18 years and counting

I'm reserving this page for musings/comments/opinions/challenges/observations about life partners.  Stay tuned for info on marriage and/or Ken (with his permission of course.)  A self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Ken traveled thousands of miles (quite literally) to be with me.  Our story is quite epic; we are partners in many ways.

Life Partners: Stories and Lessons

My Curmudgeon


Soulmates: a real thing? My short answer is "yes", but I won't leave it at that. This requires a bit of writing time and energy for a future "slow" day.


Isn't is nice that "now" is never a set-in-stone moment? Can it ever be "now" without also being then? I'm not sure how to capture "now" in isolation, with photos or otherwise. I will consider our BPA as "now", for now.


When I am 83, I will sit on an old porch that wraps around the cabin I hope to have. We will look back, and forward, as I have been promised. This is what I mean about soulmates. 

Ken and Becky: Lifelong Partners

Not so fierce with the grandkids

Ken is from Libby, Montana, and comes from a family of loggers dating back decades. This is on his dad's side. Charlie Decker, a bit of a curmudgeon himself, taught Ken and his brothers how to hunt, fish, grow up knowing right from wrong, etc. His mom, Yvonne, is from France and deserves her own story later on.  Some people think Ken is gruff and/or impossible at times, and this is true. He is also a sweetheart, and his grandkids adore him. This is Ro with her P'Ken.