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This brief page is devoted to the place I have called "home" for 59 years. Ken and I are leaving Maryland during the last week of September, 2018, however, this beautiful state is unforgettable. I was born and raised in Baltimore, but have lived in Caroline County near the Chesapeake Bay for the last 7 years. 

See below for a quick look at the Eastern Shore: the point of embarkation! (Isn't that a great word!?) I have offered some travel recommends for your perusal (another great word.)

See below!

Maryland's Chesapeake Bay

The Great Blue Heron

We see them often in the Chesapeake Bay estuary. A magnificent bird in flight or when peeking along the shallows for fish and frogs.  If ever "down" here, take a trip through the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge outside of Cambridge for a lovely and informative drive. They have a guided experience, hiking and kayak trails, and one of the best visitor centers around. You can find them (as well as the amazing Harriet Tubman Center) on FB, or on www.fws.gov.

A hidden inlet on Assawoman Bay

Yes, the name of this beautiful cove is unusual, believed to be of Native American origin. (Note that some prefer "First Nations" to identify those who were here before Western "discovery".) Looking forward, I am painfully aware that my Anglo-Saxon WASP heritage often gives me an advantage, and so I am excited and honored to explore other states and cultures!

Becky's Mini Cooper Countryman

Parked along the Blackwater River at the Refuge.  Love this manual, AWD hatchback, but Ken thinks it's too bumpy.  Personally, I like to feel the road underneath!  Selling this week since we don't need 2 vehicles. Not sure what comes next, but certainly a road-trip gem!