Adventures in Grandparenting


Rosemma (Ro)

Theresa (Tess)

Coming soon: A Tale of 5 Piggies

Sad Tess

Supportive Ro

Protective Miles



Miles is now 7.  He was born the day before me, on the 25th, in 2011. His current passions include Switch games (Mario), science, and fishing with his dad!  Minecraft is huge.  Miles has a unique way of looking at his world which makes him more than special.  He is a big helper with his sisters, and his parents rely on him for making everyone laugh!  Tess and RoRo adore him, as do I.  Perhaps he'll take me fishing one day?


Born just a few minutes before her sister, RoRo is a delightful baby with a charming smile!  I made them baptism dresses last fall, and am almost finished with reversible sun dresses!  The girls turned two back on May 5, but are a few months "behind" due to preemie status.  

They are precocious, adorable, all of that stuff. Ro tends to "direct" her younger sister a bit, but is happy following the leader as well.


Theresa, like her siblings, is simply charming. When she was born, her dad had just followed Rosemma up to the NICU ward, so I got to see Tess leaving the delivery room on my own.  I welcomed both girls to the world and then hurried to see how my own baby girl was doing after her C-section!  Tess was "talking" a bit sooner than RoRo so being born second hasn't stopped her a bit. They are inseparable.