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New "Food Adventures" Page

Some of our favorite new places for food adventures. Some good, some not so much. See what we learned about some Maine traditions!

Friend Update: Victoria McConnell

I continue my "Friends and Other Heroes" page with a tribute to my favorite science teacher and sewing/kayaking/biking/walking buddy.

"Parenting Your Parent"

I'm starting to add some new content here, specifically all about my mom, Pat Goodyear. What an interesting lady! Check back soon for an update on her recent trip to Ireland.


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The year is 1969, and I have just turned 10. Departing from Baltimore, I am hauled around the country in the back of a "goldenrod" VW pop-up, trying to ignore my two younger brothers.  I read, swat mosquitoes, wash dishes, and complain some (no air conditioning) but on a bar stool in California I get to watch Neil Armstrong land on the moon.

If you've seen or read The Glass Castle, that was kind of us, although we did have a permanent home.

Meanwhile, Ken was growing up in Libby, MT, but only 7 years old! He and his two younger brothers were hauled around in their own camper, to and from endless, boring rodeos. (Not surprisingly, both of us were often carsick.)

His camper perched over the truck bed and hood, so he could ride up top and see the road ahead. (I always wanted one of those.) 

Now that's illegal, I believe, 

but it was the 60's.

It took another 

25 +/- years for us to meet, but we were travel partners all along.  We have our parents to thank for their tenacious ability to look beyond the front yard and not fear the borrow pit. Our kids have done the same.

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